Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Carbuncle's clarion cry!

Occam of the Carbuncle is a tad steamed. He should be.

I don't believe what they believe and I'm not about to start. Ever. More importantly, I will read what I want to read and I will express myself as I see fit, not within the strictures of Sharia, but according to my rights as a citizen of a liberal democracy. That means Muslims do not have the right to impose upon me their own views of what is or is not proper, what is or is not sacrilege or blasphemy.

Their sacrilege is not mine. Their God is not my God. They may not damage my property or my person as reprisal for anything I might say or write. They may express themselves as freely as I. They may insult me. They may shun me. They might even consider ignoring me. But they may not threaten me. They may not do harm in furtherance of the precepts of their religion, just as I may not do harm to show my objection to their dogma.

That about sums it up, folks. Go read the rest.


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