Friday, September 30, 2005

Priest's Account of the New Orleans Flood

This is an interesting account of the aftermath of the New Orleans flood, by a Catholic Priest who lived through it and ministered to the victims .

Priest sees best, worst of humanity in evacuation from New Orleans
By Beth Donze
CatholicNews Service BATON ROUGE, La. (CNS) -

Like many of his fellow New Orleans priests, Father Dennis Hayes decided to stay put as Hurricane Katrina teased the Louisiana coast, praying that the storm would spare the neighborhood around St. Louise de Marillac Church in Arabi.Ensconced on the second floor of the concrete and steel parish school building with the Blessed Sacrament, his parish's sacramental registers and his 13-year-old dog, Badooki, Father Hayes thought the worst was over by Aug. 29 -- until Arabi began to fill up like a huge bathtub.

"Within one hour -- between about 8 and 9 a.m. -- I saw the water cover
all of the homes and the entire parish plant. In just that little bit of time
the water rose from the ground to the wires of the light poles. That night I
could hear cries and wailing of people for help," Father Hayes said.

Go read the rest here.


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