Thursday, July 14, 2005

Petard Hoisting in the USA

I am told there is a Spanish saying which goes, "Revenge tastes sweetest when tasted cold."

Our American cousins have a great sense of humour and a possess a robust political society which is often lacking in "our home and native land." US political discourse often manifests itself in bitter and ugly political battles the likes of which would make that foul-mouthed stomper of George Bush dolls, Carolyn Parrish MP appear to be a rube (which, come to think of it, she is.) No offence to rubes.

You may be aware that the US Supreme Court recently permitted a municipality to expropriate private homes in order to facilitate a private office complex. Normally, such expropriations are undertaken in free societies only for an important public purposes, e.g., building of a new road, or dam etc. As I understand it, the Supreme Court decision cut new legal ground and seriously erodes the American constitutional protection for private property. This is serious business.

If we are responsible parents we teach our children that their decisions have consequences, with which they will have to live. Logan Darrow Clements is a responsible citizen in the process of teaching a Supreme Court justice the same lesson. It is a kind thing Clements does as it is evident that Judge Souter either missed, or ignored, this basic parental lesson when he was a child. You're never to old to learn in my view.

Movement builds to seize Souter home
If New Hampshire selectmen don't bite, ballot initiatives planned
Posted: July 11, 2005 1:00 a.m. Eastern, © 2005

Supreme Court Justice David Souter probably never expected his vote to permit a Connecticut town the power to seize the homes of citizens would come back to haunt him. But it may.

An effort by a Los Angeles advertising entrepreneur to persuade the city fathers of Weare, N.H., to turn the tables on Souter by seizing his home and building a hotel on the site is gaining steam. Logan Darrow Clements and his company, Freestar Media, are now collecting online contributions from the public to support the project.

"There's lots of work that still needs to be done to accomplish our objectives," Clements told WND. "But I am confident we can be successful. This is a way ordinary Americans can fight back - not just against Souter, but against local officials who abuse their authority and callously seize the homes of law-abiding citizens out of sheer greed."

The town of Weare has been inundated with calls in support of the proposal since WND first publicized the story of how Clements plans to turn eminent domain against one of its champions. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 two weeks ago that local towns and cities can seize homes and private businesses through eminent domain and turn the properties over to private developers for no other reason than the fact that it would result in higher tax revenues for the municipality.

...Clements wants to build "The Lost Liberty Hotel" on the property as a kind of museum commemorating the lost right to private property in America.

It seems there is no forelock tugging in Weare, New Hampshire.


At 7:42 am, July 15, 2005 , Blogger Kermit said...

Even in the bog, it is good to see one hoist upon one's own petard.

Of course (to change the metaphor) the frog (being human), if he owned oxen, would choose to see his neighbor's oxen gored.

This is just so confusing. If I had bottle of (preferably) Bushmill's Black Lable, it would be a commuter flight (short hop) to Tipperary.

Which leads me back to the fable from the big pharoah about sleeping with an asp. Which is oKay to put in a family Blog because it is approved by The Finest Medical Ethicists in the Ivy League.

I will probably regret this whole response thingy in the morning.


who is sincerely thanking God that it's Friday.

At 8:02 am, July 15, 2005 , Blogger John the Mad said...

I love the story. It is not often that one of the liberal oligarchs gets a taste of his own medicine.

Think I'll go polish my longbow now.


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