Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Netanya Bombing and Other Threats

We are rightly focused on the London bombing by Islamic terrorists but should not lose sight of the regular bombings ocurring elsewhere, particularly in Israel. Kateland, of The Last Amazon, has an excellent post on the subject. Here is a taste. Then go read the rest.

Islamic Jihad sent another teenage suicide bomber to strike outside a mall in Netanya, Israel yesterday killing 3 and injuring 90. This is the second successful suicide bombing inside Israel since the alleged ?period of calm? negotiated by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

Though Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack and PA Chairman Abbas issued a strong statement condemning the attack and promising to hunt down and arrest the perpetrators of Tuesday?s attack (which seems a little rich from the man who has been actively working to integrate terrorists into his security forces) it is the statement from a Hamas spokesman from Gaza, Mushir al-Masri that I find the most telling:
"This operation is a natural response to Israeli crimes," he said. "The Zionist enemy has desecrated the Koran inside the prisons, is refusing to release the prisoners and is constantly threatening the Aksa Mosque and Jerusalem."
Kateland concludes her post with this chilling piece of news.

I never thought that it was a particular sign of good fortune for a collasped Catholic to have a Star of David craved into my door with the immortal words ?Kill the Jews? and the first few times I insisted on my landlord repairing the door but as soon as the wood fill and paint dried another Star of David would appear just as mysteriously as the last one on my door. After the third Star of David I stopped insisting that my landlord repair the door. It reminds me daily not only who my enemy is, but who my friends are as well.
Kate, please go buy a mini-cam, repair the door, call the police and await the next anti-semitic vandalism effort. It is, as you say, good to know your enemy. It is even better to put them behind bars. Such people need time for extended rest and reflection.


At 4:45 am, July 15, 2005 , Blogger Kateland, aka TZH said...

Thanks for your concern John, the police already have pictures and a record of each incident and to the credit of police they always arrived within ten minutes of my calling the switchboard to report it. They have had a number of discussions with my neighbors, alas all to no avail. The saddest part of the whole sorry thing is that I do babysit my best friend's daughter every Saturday while her mother works. Her grandfather survived a death camp. At first, I use to try to cover it up so that Natasha wouldn't see it when she came but one day she pulled the picture off the door. Natasha asked me why hid it from her. I told her I want to protect her from such hate. She told me to stop and as long as she was with me and the tribe she was safe but she made me promise that if I ever felt I couldn't protect to let her know and then she would get her mommy to take me and kids to Israel where they would.


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