Thursday, July 07, 2005

Gifts and Entitlements

Rebecca of Doxology has a good post on the refusal of communion to Charlie Angus MP (for voting for same-sex marriage) and to Celina Symmonds, for her participation in the cult of death (aka abortion) by managing a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Rebecca on the other hand cannot receive communion because she is awaiting her reception into the Catholic Church. In my view Rebecca is a true Catholic in spirit, if not yet in fact. The others are Catholic in fact, but not in spirit.

Rebecca nails the two aforementioned charactors for who, and what, they are. Rebecca, you are miles ahead of many of us who are cradle Catholics. God bless.
I feel sad for people like Charlie Angus and Celina Symmonds. They have been given an incredible gift and have somehow confused a gift with an entitlement. Very, very different. All we can do, as the Body of Christ, is continue to pray, teach, and even rebuke. Thank God for priests who have the courage to rebuke in this day and age, where shame is no longer acceptable and we all must feel "good" about who we are. I disagree. Sometimes it's healthy, even life-saving, to feel bad about who you are. It's in the darkness that light is able to illuminate best.
Go read the rest of her post here.


At 11:01 pm, July 07, 2005 , Blogger Rebecca said...

Thank you for the kind words John. It's reading Catholics like yourself that has helped me (and continues to) in my faith formation.


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