Monday, July 25, 2005

Apologies Rendered

Gov. Ed Rendell said written apologies will be sent to the family of a dead Marine who was upset about Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll's appearance at the man's funeral last week.

The funeral was held Tuesday for Staff Sgt. Joseph Goodrich, 32, of Pittsburgh's Westwood section. Goodrich died July 10 in Iraq.Family members said Knoll came to the funeral uninvited, passed out her business cards and made a remark about the government being against the war.

Goodrich's sister, Rhonda, told Channel 4 Action News that Knoll called and left an apology on her voice mail, along with her phone number and an invitation to call back. Rendell said Sunday that he hadn't spoken to Knoll, but he said it's not the business of state government to have a position on the war. He said the state supports the men and women fighting the war.

Rendell said written apologies will be sent to the Goodrich family.

Interesting. The Governor says, "it's not the business of state government to have a position on the war." His country is at war. He is the governor of an American state. The government he leads takes no position on the war. He and his government are neutral while men and women in the US Armed Forces die in battle against an enemy sworn to destroy his nation.

I know this is an American issue, but this Canuck can state with a fair degree of certainty that Governor Rendell is a poltroon. I speak with authority on the identification of poltroons. We have extensive experience with this type of political leader up here.


At 6:12 pm, July 25, 2005 , Blogger Kermit said...

I bow before our vast experience in poltroonery. In fact, I take your word so strongly to heart that we will be stringing an extra roll of concertina wire around the bog. I'm also thinking of hiring a couple of bad hombre's to staff guard posts at points of access and egress.

I think that 'poltroon' is a good choice of words in this instance. i might have found myself croaking out something of a much harsher nature.

Peace and all good,


At 11:27 pm, July 25, 2005 , Blogger Canadi-anna said...

It always amazes me how the 'sensitive' anti-war crowd can be so insensitive.


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