Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Deathwatch - Day 12

We are told that Michael Schiavo, after an initial refusal, finally allowed Terri to receive one drop of communion wine on her tongue on Easter Sunday. She is not capable of receiving the blessed bread due to her advanced state of dehydration. Terri is a Catholic. We Catholics believe that the bread and wine, when blessed by a priest, become the Eucharist; the actual body and blood of our Saviour, known as the Jesus the Christ.

One Drop

One single drop of life
was all that he allowed his wife.
Water he refused to give
For he did not wish to see her live.

A single drop is her parched share
From hardened hearts that do not care.
Death wears kindness like a shroud
The sly spectre of the proud.

A single precious drop of blood
You call it little; it is a flood.
For in that blessed drop of wine
She finds Christ's holy heart divine.

Living water will slake her thirst
But first her heart must surely burst
At how her love has turned away
From keeping death from her this day.



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