Monday, April 10, 2006

Priest arrested and expelled from Saudi Arabia

April 10, 2006

Riyadh (AsiaNews) - (Hat tip to the Curt Jester) A Catholic Indian priest was yesterday forced to leave Saudi Arabia. He was discovered by the religious police as he organized a prayer meeting in the lead-up to Easter. Arrested on 5 April, he remained in police custody for four days and on Saturday 8th April he left for India. The practice of any religion other than Islam is forbidden in Saudi Arabia. Meetings held privately in people's homes, among friends, are also banned.

The priest, Fr George Joshua, belongs to the Malankara rite of Kerala (India). His visit to Catholic Indians in the Saudi Kingdom was planned with his bishop's permission.

On 5 April, Fr George had just celebrated mass in a private house when seven religious policemen (muttawa) broke into the house together with two ordinary policemen. The police arrested the priest and another person.

The Saudi religious police are well known for their ruthlessness; they often torture believers of other religions who are arrested.

AsiaNews sources said there were around 400,000 Indian Catholics in Saudi Arabia who were denied pastoral care. Catholic foreigners in the country number at least one million: none of them can participate in mass while they are in Saudi Arabia. Catechism for their children - nearly 100,000 - is banned.

Often, for feasts like Easter and Christmas, Catholics plan holidays in the Emirates, Bahrain or Abu Dhabi, where at least for once, they are free to attend mass.


At 12:32 am, April 11, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello John;

Just a bit of info. I have it on the authority from an indian Catholic priest, who served in the region, that Saudi Arabia is the only nation in the world without a Catholic church. He also related that while were many from S.A. looked for Baptism, where he served (Bahrain if memory serves) he couldn't do it; for his own safety and that of the would be convert. He also told of the size of the ministry where he served. A huge congregation at a huge church.

I found it interesting. Thought you might.


At 5:40 pm, April 16, 2006 , Blogger Lost Budgie said...

Hi John

For the reason of some strange negligence - I failed to add you as a permanent link to the sidebar at my website. Should have done so almost a year ago. Actually thought I had done it earlier. Must be getting old.

That has now been corrected. (The link, not the age)


Lost Budgie


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